Georgia Food Stamp Benefits Replacement

"Georgia Food Stamp Benefits Replacement"

Georgia food stamp recipients residing in 69 counties are eligible to receive additional benefits to cover food lost during the power outages caused by Hurricane Irma. Food stamp benefits replacement has been issued to the EBT accounts of recipients in the 69 Georgia counties as of September 25, 2017. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service, which oversees the food stamp benefits program in Georgia, approved the state’s request to replace 45 percent of September’s benefit allotment for customers living in the 69 counties most significantly affected by the storm. The waiver allows Georgia residents whose food […]

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Thousands in Georgia Expected to Lose Food Stamps

"Thousands in Georgia Expected to Lose Food Stamps"

If you are receiving food stamps in the state of Georgia or plan to apply for food stamps, you need to read this article. The state has implemented a new work requirement that is going to change the way the food stamps program is administered to those who do not have children. If you are able bodied and have no children, there is now work requirements you have to meet to continue to receive benefits or you will lose food stamps. According to this news story and article by WTVM, the work requirement affects recipients in 21 counties in Georgia. […]

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Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia

Thousands of Georgians are losing access to food stamps. Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia means many people who depended on the program are now finding themselves without food assistance, including some veterans. Why is that the case? Are you at risk of losing your food stamps? Some people have gone to check their food stamps balance only to find that their benefits did not come in. What’s Driving Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia? To answer this question, you have to understand what is going on with food stamps and why congress is cutting back on the program. In […]

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Georgia food stamps drug test

"Food stamps drug testing"

If you are a current recipient of food stamps or SNAP benefits in Georgia and have heard about the proposed Georgia food stamps drug test law, you have every reason to be concerned. Even if you are planning to apply for food assistance in Georgia, the mention of drug testing means you have to make sure you are clean before you can apply. In this post, we will explain in detail what the proposed drug testing law is about and the latest update on where things stand. This post will cover: History of Georgia Food Stamps Drug Test Law Georgia […]

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