Can I report food stamp abuse in Georgia?

"how to report food stamp abuse"

If you have witnessed fraud or suspect someone of Food Stamps abuse in Georgia, you can report this to the authorities for investigation. You can file a complaint anonymously with the federal government authorities through the USDA or with the authorities in Georgia through the Department of Human Service’s Benefit Integrity and Recovery Unit (BRU). Here’s how: Types of Food Stamp Abuse There are four main categories of food stamp abuse and fraud: Lying on Food Stamps Application This is where a food stamps applicant lie on their benefits application, which leads them to receive money they are not entitled […]

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What is the punishment for lying on GA food stamp application?

"What is the punishment for lying on GA food stamp application?"

If you are reading this article about lying on GA food stamp application, you probably fall into one of four categories of people: You have lied on your food stamp or other government assistance program application and have been contacted by authorities and would like to know what the penalties or punishments are. You are applying for food stamps or have applied for food stamps and have lied on your application. You know someone that has lied on their food stamps application and want to know what could happen to them if they get caught or what will happen to […]

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