Income Limit for GA Food Stamps [2022]

In this article, we will cover the Income Limit for GA Food Stamps.

In order to be apply and be approved for SNAP food stamps in the state of Georgia, you have to meet strict eligibility guidelines that are set by the United States Department of Agriculture.

These guidelines are what the Georgia Department of Human Service’s Division of Family and Children Services relies on to determine if you qualify for food assistance or not.

That’s why it is important to understand how the income limit works and to properly determine where your income falls – so you can decide if you are eligible for GA Food stamps or not.

Income Limit for Georgia Food Stamp benefits

GA Food Stamps Income Limit

There are two income categories that one must meet to qualify for SNAP Benefits.

The first is the gross income test, followed by the net income test. According to USDA SNAP eligibility guidelines, most households must meet both the gross and net income tests, but a household with an elderly person or a person who is receiving certain types of disability payments only has to meet the net income test.

What is gross income?

Gross income is the total income for your household, before any taxes or expenses have been taken out.

What is net income?

Net income is your total household gross income minus allowable expenses and deductions.

Georgia SNAP Income Eligibility Chart [2021-2022]

To find out if your household is eligible for food stamp benefits, you can use the SNAP Income Eligibility Chart below. Both monthly net and gross income are included on the chart.

To see if you are eligible, find your household size then you will be provided with the maximum income your household can have in a month.

Here is the Gross and Net Income Chart for 2021-2022:

SNAP Income Eligibility Standards for Fiscal Year 2022
Effective October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022
Household SizeMonthly Net Income (100% of FPL)Monthly Gross Income (130% of FPL)
Each Additional Household Member:+$379+$492

Food Stamps Income Guidelines in Georgia

As you can see, the income guidelines for GA Food stamps is based on the number of people in your household.

If you are applying by yourself and have no dependents, then you have to have a gross monthly income of $1,396 or less to qualify for GA food stamps.

If you do not fall under the net monthly income exemption explained above, then you have to also have $1,074 or less in net monthly income to qualify.

Similarly, let’s say you have a household of 4 people, then your gross monthly income cannot be more than $2,871 to qualify and you cannot have more than $2,209 in net monthly income to qualify.

For detailed information on how to determine if you meet the Georgia SNAP Income Limits, check out our post here.

We will walk you through all the steps to calculate your monthly gross and net income.

If you meet the income guidelines above, then you can apply for GA Food stamps. For help on how to apply for Georgia Food Stamps, continue reading below.

How to Apply for Georgia SNAP EBT benefits

Apply for Georgia Food Stamps

If you think meet the qualifications for Georgia SNAP benefits, you can now submit your application for food stamps. There are three ways to apply for Georgia SNAP EBT benefits – by mail, in-person, or online.

For help completing the Georgia food stamp application process, continue reading below.

Apply for Georgia SNAP Online

If you would like to apply for Georgia SNAP benefits online, you can do so by visiting the Georgia Gateway website at For help with your Georgia food stamps online application, check out our article on how to apply.

Apply for Georgia SNAP by Mail

To apply for Georgia food stamp benefits by mail, you can print out and complete the Georgia SNAP Application. After that, mail your completed GA Food Stamps Application to your local Georgia DFCS Office.

To find the mailing address for your local DFCS Office, click here.

To download and print your Georgia SNAP Application, click this link: Georgia SNAP EBT Application for Benefits

Apply for Georgia SNAP in-Person

You can also apply for SNAP EBT benefits in Georgia by visiting your local county Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) Office. A caseworker will be able to help you complete and submit your application.

Click here to find a Georgia DFCS Office near you.

Georgia SNAP Income Limit

We hope this post on the Income Limit for GA Food Stamps was helpful to you! To find out how much you can expect to get in Georgia food stamp benefits, check out our article here.

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