Coronavirus Relief Assistance in Georgia

COVID-19 Georgia Assistance

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a severe impact on numerous low-income households in Georgia. Fortunately, community leaders and organizations are stepping up to help out struggling families during this difficult time. Organizations are providing local residents with Coronavirus relief assistance in Georgia communities. If you have been impacted by Coronavirus and are struggling, check out our list below to find help near you. Several companies and local organizations are providing: Free Wifi Hotspots Waived Late Fees Free Unlimited Data & Internet Free Meals to Children Grocery & Home Supply Pickup Home Delivered Meals to Seniors If you have been impacted […]

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How the Coronavirus Effects Food Stamp Recipients

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic sweeping the nation, the public is urged to cancel all their upcoming plans. As a result, a number of school closures, event cancellations, and businesses have temporarily shut their doors to help ward off the spread of the virus. So what does that mean for food stamp recipients?  Well, quite a lot actually. For those households that are receiving government assistance to meet their basic needs, this time is all that much harder and more stressful. Low-income Americans face the highest risk of impact due to the lack of access to healthcare and nutritional food. […]

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How to File for Unemployment in GA [Guide]

File for Unemployment in GA

Have you or a member of your household been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic? With mandatory shutdowns nationwide, many Georgians have found themselves without a job. If you have been impacted by COVID-19, help is available to you. In this post, we will walk you through how to file for Unemployment in GA. Temporary Unemployment Benefits can provide laid-off and furloughed workers with immediate financial relief. We will explain the requirements for emergency unemployment benefits and how you can apply remotely – online or over the phone. Furthermore, we will list the documents or evidence you must to provide in order […]

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