Georgia EBT Discounts and Perks (2023)

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2023)
If you have a Georgia EBT Card, there are amazing discounts, reduced/free admissions and other perks available to you and your family.

Some of the most-popular Georgia EBT discounts include:

  • Reduced or free admission to Museums, Zoos & Aquariums
  • More than 50% OFF an Amazon Prime Membership
  • Discounted cell phone and home internet plans
  • Coupons and discounts offered by specific retailers

For a complete list of all the discounts and savings you can unlock with your Georgia EBT card, continue reading below.

Georgia EBT Discounts & Freebies for 2023

Georgia EBT Card Discounts for 2023

Below you will find a list of all the discounts available to Georgia EBT cardholders. Each discount is listed by category – national or local.

The national EBT card discounts are available to all EBT cardholders across the United States. The local EBT card discounts are only available to Georgia EBT cardholders.

You can take advantage of both national and local discounts with your Georgia EBT card.

"Georgia EBT Discounts"

National EBT Discounts for Georgia SNAP EBT Cardholders 

Below are the discounts that are available to all EBT Cardholders across the United States. These can be redeemed by Georgia EBT SNAP, Medicaid or cash assistance recipients.

Amazon Prime Discount for EBT

Amazon Prime Membership EBT Discount

If you have a Georgia EBT Card, you can sign up and get over 50% OFF an Amazon Prime membership. The Amazon EBT Discount gives you all the great benefits that come with Prime membership at a fraction of the cost.

To sign up for the Amazon Prime EBT Discount, click here.

The regular Amazon Prime membership is $14.99 a month. However, if you have an EBT Card, you can get Prime Membership for $6.99. That’s an amazing deal considering you get the same benefits that a regular Prime Membership has to offer!

In fact, Amazon was one of the first vendors approved for the USDA Online Purchasing Pilot. As a result, they were one of the first online retailers to accept EBT Cards online for delivery.

This means that a Prime membership allows you to order groceries online at Amazon with your EBT Card and get them delivered directly to your door!

Amazon Prime EBT Benefits

If you are not sure if the Amazon Prime EBT Discount is worth it, here is a summary of the what you get with your Amazon Prime membership:

FREE, Fast Delivery on Millions of Items

With Amazon Prime membership, you get fast, free shipping on over 50 million eligible items on They have also rolled out a program recently that allows people who live in certain metropolitan areas to get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now on daily essentials and groceries.

Instantly Stream TV Shows and Movies

One of the most popular features is the instant streaming of TV Shows and Movies. Your Prime membership includes instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost. You can stream all these on select Smart TVs, Roku, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, iPhones, tablets, and Android devices.

Other Benefits of Amazon Prime

  • Buy groceries online with your Georgia EBT Card through Amazon Fresh and Pantry for delivery 
  • Over two million songs. Thousands of playlists and stations (On-demand, ad-free music streaming)
  • Books, Magazines & More (Unlimited reading on any device)
  • Original audio series from Audible (Unlimited listening to original audio series)
  • Twitch Prime (Get free game content every month, exclusive discounts, plus loads more)
  • All your photos, together at last (Free unlimited photo storage)

To learn more about how you can save over 50% on your Amazon Prime Membership, read our guide on Amazon Prime Discount for Georgia EBT.

Use the following link to add your Georgia EBT Card to your Amazon account: Register your SNAP EBT Card.

Click Here to Sign up for Amazon EBT Discount.

Georgia EBT Discounts for SNAP Recipients in 2023

Below is the complete list of local Georgia EBT discounts and freebies that you can get with your GA EBT Card.

These discounts can only be redeemed by EBT SNAP, Medicaid or cash assistance recipients.

Lifeline Program – Free or Discounted Home & Cell Phone Service

If you are currently receiving Georgia food stamp benefits or cash assistance, you may qualify for FREE or low-cost home or cell phone service for you or a family member!

The discounted cell phone service is provided to low-income Georgia households that have an income below a certain level.

The discounted cell phone service program is called the Federal Lifeline Program, and serves nearly 13 million Americans nationwide.

The Lifeline Program helps to lower the monthly cost of phone and internet service.

Eligible Lifeline participants will receive a $9.25 discount towards their monthly phone bill.

There are 38 companies that offer free or discounted home and mobile cell phone service in Georgia. Continue reading below to get the complete list of companies participating in the Lifelife Program.

Discounted Cell Phone Service with Georgia EBT

Below is a list of cell phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in Georgia.

This means that you are eligible for discounted cell phone service through any of the providers listed below.

Currently, there are 9 companies that participate in the Lifeline Program and offer discounted cell phone service in Georgia.

Georgia Lifeline Discounted Cell Phone Service Providers
Phone Service ProviderPhone NumberType of Service
Access Wireless866-594-3644Cell Phone Service
SouthernLINC Wireless800-818-5462Cell Phone Service
enTouch Wireless866-488-8719Cell Phone Service
Safelink Wireless800-723-3546Cell Phone Service
Amerimex Communications888-224-3213Cell Phone Service
Life Wireless888-543-3620Cell Phone Service
StandUP Wireless800-544-4441Cell Phone Service
Assurance Wireless888-898-4888Cell Phone Service
Q Link Wireless LLC855-754-6543Cell Phone Service

Discounted Home Phone Service with Georgia EBT 

Below is a list of home landline phone providers that participate in the Lifeline program in Georgia.

This means that you are eligible for discounted home landline phone service through any of the providers listed below.

Currently, there are 29 companies that participate in the Lifeline Program and offer discounted fixed landline phone service in Georgia.

Georgia Lifeline Discounted Home Landline Phone Service Providers
Phone Service ProviderPhone NumberType of Service
Pineland Telephone Cooperative800-247-1266Landline Phone Service
Plant Telephone Company229-528-4777Landline Phone Service
CenturyLink800-244-1111Landline Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Quincy Telephone Company888-225-5837Landline Phone Service
Glenwood Telephone Company912-523-5111Landline Phone Service
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative912-857-4415Landline Phone Service
Progressive Rural Telephone Cooperative478-984-4201Landline Phone Service
Trenton Telephone Company800-865-1054Landline Phone Service
Wilkes Telephone and Electric Company706-678-2121Landline Phone Service
Public Service Telephone Company478-847-4111Landline Phone Service
AT&T855-301-0355Landline Phone Service
Pembroke Telephone Co912-653-4389Landline Phone Service
Ellijay Telephone800-660-6826Landline Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Nelson-Ball Ground Telephone Company888-225-5837Landline Phone Service
Frontier Communications800-921-8101Landline Phone Service
Ringgold Telephone Company706-965-1234Landline Phone Service
Hart Telephone Company800-276-3925Landline Phone Service
Waverly Hall Telephone LLC706-582-3333Landline Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Camden Telephone and Telegraph Company, Inc.888-225-5837Landline Phone Service
Bulloch Telephone Cooperative912-842-5900Landline Phone Service
Citizens Telephone Cooperative260-375-2111Landline Phone Service
TDS Telecom/Blue Ridge Telephone Company888-225-5837Landline Phone Service
Brantley Telephone Company912-462-5111Landline Phone Service
Chickamauga Telephone Corporation706-375-3195Landline Phone Service
Consolidated Communications844-968-7224Landline Phone Service
Darien Telephone Company, Inc.912-437-4111Landline Phone Service
Windstream Communications800-347-1991Landline Phone Service
Global Connection of America877-511-3009Landline Phone Service
Alma Telephone Company877-217-2842Landline Phone Service

For more information on the Georgia Lifeline Program for free or discounted phone service, check out our detailed article on the Georgia Lifeline Phone Program.

Discounted Internet for Georgia EBT Cardholders

Discounted or Free Internet Service in Georgia

One of the most popular Georgia EBT Card discounts is free or discounted internet service.

The new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provides low-income households with free or low-cost internet service

The program is available exclusively to low-income families and individuals and provides eligible households with a $30 discount on their internet service each month.

Plus, you could also get a one-time $100 discount on the purchase of an eligible laptop, desktop or tablet.

You can combine the $30 ACP internet credit with your Lifeline phone service to save even more on your monthly phone and internet bill.

For more information, check out our complete article on How to get Free Internet in Georgia for 2023.

Who participates in the ACP Internet Program in Georgia?

Currently, Georgia has 152 internet providers that participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program.

This list includes Access Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Comcast Xfinity, Century Link, Cox, Boost Mobile, and many more.

ACP Internet Providers in Georgia (2023)

Georgia EBT Cardholders can choose from 71 mobile wifi internet providers or 81 home fixed internet providers.

We have also identified the companies that offer free internet service with ACP and/or a discounted device such as a laptop, desktop computer or tablet. Some companies listed below offer offer free internet service when approved for the ACP

Below is the list of all the Georgia companies participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program and offering discounted internet with the Georgia EBT Card.

Georgia Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Internet Providers
Internet Provider NamePhone NumberType of ServiceFree with ACPDiscounted Device
Lingo866-405-4646Home Internet
Tri-CoGo844-662-7569Home Internet
Clear Wireless, LLC888-341-3471Home InternetYes
Waverly Hall Telephone, LLC706-582-3333Home Internet
City of Thomasville229-227-7001Home Internet
Metro Communications LLC800-229-6004Home Internet
ComSouth Telecommunications, Inc.877-427-4729Home Internet
WCFIBER844-303-4237Home Internet
Altamaha Fiber912-526-8181Home Internet
Glenwood Telephone Company912-523-5111Home Internet
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc912-857-4411Home Internet
SLYTEL229-776-8505Home Internet
Alma Telephone Co, Inc.912-632-8603Home Internet
Dalton Utilities706-278-1313Home Internet
TDS Telecommunications Corporation888-225-5837Home Internet
Trailwave Fiber, Inc.706-754-2114Home Internet
Hotwire Communication, Ltd.800-409-4733Home Internet Internet Service419-292-2200Home Internet
U2 CONNECT NOW844-679-0909Home Internet
Cathect Communications, Inc866-961-9941Home InternetYes
Alma Telephone Co, Inc.912-632-8603Home Internet
Foundation for California Community Colleges866-325-3222Home Internet
Public Service Data478-847-4111Home Internet
Progressive Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.478-984-4201Home Internet
Public Wireless, LLC800-286-5380Home Internet
Culture Wireless404-254-6236Home InternetYes
Wilkes Telephone & Electric Company, Inc706-678-2121Home Internet
Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.800-247-1266Home Internet
HTC706-376-4701Home Internet
Hart Communications, Inc706-376-4701Home Internet
Cox Communication866-439-1289Home InternetYes
Integrated Path Communications, LLC888-224-6958Home InternetYes
ETC Communications800-660-6826Home Internet
Ellijay Telephone Company800-660-6826Home Internet
Plant Telephone Company229-528-4777Home Internet
Verizon Wireless800-922-0204Home Internet
Bulloch Solutions912-865-1100Home Internet
Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Inc.800-247-1266Home Internet
Frontier Communications Corporation877-847-6091Home Internet
Windstream Communications, LLC866-445-8084Home InternetYesYes
Electric Power Board of Chattanooga423-648-1372Home Internet
AT&T866-986-0963Home InternetYes
Coastal Electric Cooperative912-884-3311Home Internet
Paladin Wireless706-948-3136Home Internet
CNSNext229-985-5400Home Internet
Conexon Connect LLC202-798-3884Home Internet
WOW! Internet Cable and Phone888-530-2711Home Internet
Hargray of Georgia, Inc.877-427-4729Home Internet
Mediacom LLC855-330-6918Home InternetYes
Zito West Holding, LLC800-365-6988Home Internet
Omnipoint Technology Inc.844-764-6800Home InternetYes
ECOMOBILE, INC.855-825-8855Home InternetYes
EARTHLINK, LLC888-327-8454Home Internet
CNSNext229-307-0332Home Internet
Vyve Broadband855-FOR-VYVEHome Internet
Public Service Telephone Company478-847-4111Home Internet
ComSouth Telenet, Inc.877-427-4729Home Internet
Maxsip Telecom Corporation866-629-7471Home Internet
Forsyth CableNet478-847-4111Home Internet
Pembroke Telephone Company, Inc.912-653-4389Home InternetYesYes
Darien Telephone Company, Inc912-437-4111Home Internet
City Communications, Inc888-424-5588Home InternetYesYes
CTC*706-375-3195Home Internet
Hughes Network Systems, LLC844-737-2700Home Internet
IgLou Internet Services502-966-3848Home Internet
TNC Communications919-275-5172Home InternetYes
Synergy Internet855-779-6374Home Internet
Waverly Hall Telephone, LLC706-582-3333Home Internet
TruVista Communications, Inc.800-768-1212Home InternetYes
Crossbeam678-821-6000Home Internet
Spot On Networks, LLC877-768-6687Home Internet
Spectrum (Charter Communications Operating, LLC)866-980-3107Home InternetYes
Point Broadband Fiber Holding, LLC844-407-6468Home Internet
SprintFone786-259-0002Home InternetYes
Comcast (Xfinity)1-800-XFINITYHome Internet
Viasat855-463-9333Home Internet
Flint Cable TV478-847-4111Home Internet
Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation706-379-3121Home Internet
TM Telecomm Corp305-471-8467Home InternetYes
Google Fiber Inc.866-777-7550Home Internet
CNSNext229-336-7856Home Internet
Boomerang Wireless, LLC866-488-8719Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
IDT Domestic Telecom, Inc.800-689-0617Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Consolidated Communications, Inc.844-968-7224Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Sage Telecom Communications, LLC800-430-0443Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Boftech248-905-1907Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Assurance Wireless800-937-8997Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Hadodo Wireless888-837-0374Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Twigby405-209-8094Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Airtalk Wireless877-247-7799Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Sano Health LLC866-970-7299Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Selectel Wireless877-218-5744Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Cellspan Inc.855-957-2330Mobile Internet (WIFI)
NewPhone Wireless, LLC855-204-3667Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
American Assistance and Your Call Wireless877-266-7212Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Gen Mobile, Inc833-528-1380Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Q Link Wireless LLC855-754-6543Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Access Wireless866-594-3644Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Tempo Telecom, Inc.833-998-3676Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Hoop Wireless, LLC833-367-4667Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Brightspeed833-692-7773Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Insight Mobile, Inc.866-330-0902Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
TM Telecomm Corp305-471-8467Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
ECOMOBILE, INC.855-825-8855Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
UVNV, Inc.888-777-0446Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Thrive Mobile816-514-0592Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Torch Wireless877-998-6674Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
SWA CONNECT877-732-7987Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Boomerang Wireless, LLC866-488-8719Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Boost Mobile866-402-7366Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Wireless Brands Co877-863-5911Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Verizon Wireless800-922-0204Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Culture Wireless404-254-6236Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, TracFone, Net10, Page Plus & Go Smart833-333-9227Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
AT&T866-986-0963Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Unity Wireless Inc.800-701-3231Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Life Wireless888-543-3620Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
US Connect877-732-7987Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Z1 Wireless561-434-4509Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Go Technology Management, LLC877-223-1978Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Infiniti Mobile214-323-8000Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Whoop Connect Inc.888-200-1076Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Global Connection Inc. of America800-544-4441Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Cintex Wireless, LLC800-931-0141Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Cricket Wireless844-246-8364Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
AT&T Mobility LLC866-986-0963Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Rural4G870-451-0373Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Omnipoint Technology Inc.844-764-6800Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Rogue Mobile Inc.407-686-1026Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Ztar Mobile, Inc800-416-3003Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
City Communications, Inc888-424-5588Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Metro by T-Mobile800-937-8997Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Hello Mobile Telecom LLC888-854-3556Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Easy Wireless877-476-3451Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
SafetyNet Wireless888-224-3213Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Xchange Telecom LLC646-722-7200Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Comlink Total Solutions Corp833-526-0200Mobile Internet (WIFI)
Excess Telecom, Inc.800-615-0898Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
North American Local, LLC888-247-3903Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Dailytel Inc.883-999-0427Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
PCs for People651-354-2552Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
InterConnection206-633-1517Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Clear Wireless, LLC888-341-3471Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
H2O Wireless888-543-3620Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
K20 Wireless717-400-5573Mobile Internet (WIFI)YesYes
Sarver Wireless888-744-8950Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Tone Communication Services LLC800-515-8182Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Culture Wireless877-732-7987Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
LTE Wireless877-388-2232Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Comcast (Xfinity)1-800-XFINITYMobile Internet (WIFI)
human-I-T888-268-3921Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes
Red Pocket, Inc888-993-3888Mobile Internet (WIFI)Yes

Low-Cost Internet Service for Georgia EBT

Your EBT card may qualify you for discounted home internet service under the Federal Lifeline Program.

Currently, the program provides $9.25 a month per household toward phone or internet service.

If you are already enrolled in the Lifeline program for phone service, there are other low-cost internet services available to you.

The other discounted internet services require that you have at least one child in kindergarten or grades 1–12 (or have a child participate in the National School Lunch Program).

Here are the providers that offer the programs in the state of Georgia:

Cox Communications

Cox Low-Cost Internet is part of the Connect2Compete program. The program helps K–12 students reach their full potential by providing internet access to low-income families.

The low-cost Internet service is only $9.95 per month. It is available to families with at least one child in kindergarten or grades 1–12.

Eligible families must also be participating in one of the following programs:

  • National School Lunch Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – Food Stamps
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Public Housing


AT&T offers the Access program to eligible low-income families for $10.00 per month. To qualify for Access, customers must have at least one family member who participates in the SNAP (Food Stamps) program.


CenturyLink offers an Internet Basics plan to eligible families for $9.95 per month. CenturyLink’s service is more widely available than many other providers.

To be eligible for Internet Basics, applicants must:

  • Meet the requirements for the Lifeline program
  • Actively participating in one or sereral low-income assistnace programs (i.e. SNAP, WIC, Medicaid)

Frontier Communications

Frontier participates in the Lifeline program but does not have a specific internet plan for low-income customers. However, they do offer low-cost internet access starting at $20.00 per month.

If you pair that with the $9.25 Lifeline discount, you can get internet access for around $10.00 per month. This is comparable with what you get at other low-income service providers.

Xfinity Comcast

Xfinity offers an Internet Essentials program that allows qualifying customers to purchase a plan for just $9.95 per month. Internet Essentials is designed to help students, seniors, and low-income families.

The program also offers free in-home Wi-Fi and requires no credit check. For a family to qualify, they must have at least one child eligible for the National School Lunch Program and meet other requirements.


Spectrum offers an Internet Assist program for low-income families. Internet Assist is priced at $14.99 per month, but the speeds are double Xfinity’s program. Customers can also add Wi-Fi for an additional $5.00 per month.

Eligible families must have a child participating in the National School Lunch Program.

For more information on all the low-cost internet providers in Georgia, including how to apply and get FREE WIFI, check out our article here.

Free Admission with Georgia EBT Card for 2023

Free Museum Admission with Georgia EBT for 2023

The Georgia Museums listed below all offer discounts on individual admission fees ranging from FREE to $3.00. These discounts are only available to individuals and families that have an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. You must also have a valid form of photo ID to qualify.

The offer covers up to four individuals per EBT card, which means that if you have a family of 4, you can use your Georgia EBT card to get the special discounted or free rate for everyone.

These rates are available during all normal operating hours. We advise that you call the museum first before you go – so that you can find out what their special rate is for EBT Card holders (whether it’s free admission or $3).

Georgia Museums with Free Admission for EBT Cardholders

Below is a list of Museums in Georgia that offer FREE admission to Georgia SNAP EBT recipients.

Georgia Museums with Discounted Admission for EBT Cardholders

Below is a list of all the Georgia Museums that offer discounted or free admission to EBT cardholders:

Below is the complete list of all the Georgia Museums that offer discounts or free admission to EBT cardholders:

Free and Discounted Museums in Georgia for EBT Cardholders (2023)
MuseumLocationDiscounted Admission
Georgia Museum of ArtAthens, GAFree
Atlanta Contemporary Museum of ArtAtlanta, GAFree
The William Breman Jewish Heritage MuseumAtlanta, GAFree
David J. Spencer CDC MuseumAtlanta, GAFree
Historic Oakland FoundationAtlanta, GAFree
Columbus Botanical GardenColumbus, GA
$3.00 per person, Children under 3 – Free
Historic WestvilleColumbus, GA
$3.00 per person, Children under 4 – Free
Smith Gilbert GardensKennesaw, GA
$3.00 per person, Children under 2 – Free
Georgia State Railroad MuseumSavannah, GAFree
Old Fort JacksonSavannah, GAFree
Pin Point Heritage MuseumSavannah, GAFree
Savannah Children’s MuseumSavannah, GAFree
Savannah History MuseumSavannah, GAFree
Lapham-Patterson HouseThomasville, GA$3.00 per adult, $1.00 per child
Thomasville History CenterThomasville, GA
$3.00 per adult (18+), $1.00 per child


"100 Farmers Markets that accept EBT in Georgia"

Double your EBT Cash at the Farmer’s Market

A great way to get fresh, healthy food and stretch your benefits is by shopping at the Farmer’s Market. Georgia Farmer’s Markets will double your benefits – up to $50 per visit!

This means that if you spend $50 on your Georgia EBT card, you will get to buy $100 worth of fresh food from the market!

To take advantage of the program, you just have to swipe your EBT card at the Farmer’s Market information booth.

Also, please be sure to specify the amount you will like to spend when you swipe your card. You will be given tokens that you can then use to purchase food items at vendors.

For a complete list of all the Farmer’s Markets in Georgia that will double your EBT cash, check it out here.

Georgia EBT Discounts Summary

We hope this list of Georgia EBT discounts was helpful to you! If you have any questions about any of the companies that participate in Georgia EBT discounts, please let us know in the comments section below.

To report additional companies that offer a discount to Georgia EBT cardholders, please let us know about them in the comments section.

If you experience any challenges accessing any of the above Georgia EBT discount services, we would like to know about it so we can look into it and make any corrections or changes needed to our list.

In the meantime, check out these other articles on the Georgia EBT Card benefits: