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Free Government Phones for Food Stamps Georgia

If you have heard about the free government phones for food stamps Georgia beneficiaries, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will explain in detail what this is about. We will also show you how to apply and get approved for a discounted or FREE, touchscreen smartphone and service plan or home phone service under the federal Lifeline Program. You can also get broadband internet service for your home under the Lifeline program if you are on food stamps and your income is below a certain limit. You should also check out our detailed list of other discounts and free admissions for Georgia food stamps/EBT card holders.

"Government Phones for Food Stamps"

What is the Lifeline Program?

Lifeline is a US federal government program to help make cell phone, home phone and broadband internet services more affordable for low-income consumers. The program currently provides assistance to 10.7 million Americans, including about 400,000 in the state of Georgia. The program provides low-income individuals or families a discount on telephone and internet services purchased from participating providers in their state. Subscribers can also purchase discounted broadband from participating providers.

Why is the Government doing this?

Lifeline is provided by the US government to help ensure that low-income consumers can afford 21st-century broadband and the access it provides to jobs, education, and opportunities.

How Does the Program Work?

Lifeline is available to eligible low-income subscribers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands.

To participate in the program, subscribers must either have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in the assistance programs listed below.

The following is a list of assistance programs that qualify a participant for Lifeline:

  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps or SNAP)
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)

Apply for Georgia Lifeline Cell Phone, Home Phone or Internet

If you live in the state of Georgia and are on Food Stamps, you can apply for a Lifeline Cell Phone Service, Home Phone, or Home Internet Broadband Service. Note that you can only select one of the programs – so you can either use your lifeline credit towards a cell phone plan, or home phone plan or broadband internet plan.

How to Apply

Step 1

To apply, you have to contact the provider for the service you are interested in below. Scroll down to see our list of lifeline program providers for cell phone, home phone or internet broadband service in Georgia.

Step 2

As part of your application, you will have to prove their eligibility by showing that you are currently participating in a qualifying program like Food Stamps or you will be required to show that your income falls below the threshold stated above.

Lifeline Program Providers in Georgia

Cell Phone Services

If you are currently on Food Stamps/EBT Cardholder, and your income is below a certain level, you may qualify for FREE or low-cost cell phone service for you or a member of your family through the Federal Lifeline Program, which serves nearly 10.7 million Americans. This program provides discounts on cell phone service for qualifying low-income consumers, including those on Food Stamps. Here are the cell phone companies that participate in the program in the state of Georgia.

Assurance Wireless – (1- 888-898-4888)
Safelink Wireless – (1-800-723-3546)
Access Wireless – (1-866-594-3644
enTouch Wireless  -(1- 866-488-8719)
Q-Link Wireless  -(1-855-754-6543)
Life Wireless  – (1-888-543-3620)
StandUp Wireless – (1-800-544-4441)

Home Phone Services

Your Georgia EBT Card also qualifies you for discounts on a Home Phone service plan under the Lifeline Program. Please note that you can either choose the use your Lifeline program benefits for a Cell Phone service plan or a Home Phone service plan but not both. We have listed below the Top 5 providers of EBT Discount Service for Home Phone plans in the state of Georgia. For the complete list of providers, see our detailed article on the Georgia Lifeline Phone Program here.

"government home phone and internet service"

Alma Telephone Company 1-877 217-2842
AT&T 1- 855-301-0355
Brantley Telephone Company 1- 912-462-5111
Bulloch Telephone Cooperative 1- 912-842-5900
CenturyLink 1- 800-407-5411
Chickamauga Telephone Corporation 1- 706-375-3195
Citizens Telephone Cooperative 1- 260-375-2111
Cox Communications 1- 866-961-0027
Darien Telephone Company, Inc. 1- 912-437-4111
Ellijay Telephone 1- 800-660-6826
Frontier Communications 1- 888-237-0588
Glenwood Telephone Company 1- 912-523-5111
Global Connection of America 1- 877-511-3009
Hart Telephone Company 1- 800-276-3925
Pembroke Telephone Co 1- 912-653-4389
Pineland Telephone Cooperative 1- 800-247-1266
Plant Telephone Company 1- 229-528-4777
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative 1- 12-857-4415
Progressive Rural Telephone Cooperative 1- 478-984-4201
Public Service Telephone Company 1- 478-847-4111
Ringgold Telephone Company 1- 706-965-1234
TDS Telecom/Blue Ridge Telephone Company 1- 888-225-5837
TDS Telecom/Camden Telephone and Telegraph Company, Inc. 1- 888-225-5837
TDS Telecom/Nelson-Ball Ground Telephone Company 1- 888-225-5837
TDS Telecom/Quincy Telephone Company 1- 888-225-5837
Trenton Telephone Company 1- 800-865-1054
Waverly Hall Telephone LLC 1- 706-582-3333
Wilkes Telephone and Electric Company 1- 336-973-3103
Windstream Communications 1- 800-347-1991

Internet Service

Your EBT card may qualify you for discounted home internet service under the Federal Lifeline program for low-income families and individuals. The program currently provides $9.25 a month per household toward phone or internet service.

There are other low-cost internet services available to low-income families that require at least one child in kindergarten or grades 1–12 (or have a child participate in the National School Lunch Program). Here are the providers that offer the programs in the state of Georgia.

Cox Communications
Cox Low-Cost Internet is part of the Connect2Compete program, aimed at helping K–12 students reach their full potential by providing internet access to low-income families. Low-Cost Internet is $9.95 per month and is available to families with at least one child in kindergarten or grades 1–12.

Eligible families must also be participating in one of the following programs:

  • National School Lunch Program
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – Food Stamps
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Public Housing

AT&T offers the Access program for eligible low-income families for $10.00 per month. To qualify for Access, customers must have at least one family member who participates in the SNAP (Food Stamps) program.

CenturyLink offers the Internet Basics plan, offering internet access to eligible families for $9.95 per month. CenturyLink’s service is more widely available than many other providers.

To be eligible for Internet Basics, applicants must meet the requirements for the Lifeline program, by being a participant in one of several federal low-income assistance programs, including SNAP (food stamps).

Frontier Communications
Frontier participates in the Lifeline program but does not have a specific internet plan for low-income customers. However, they offer internet access starting at $20.00 per month, so a Lifeline discount of $9.25 would bring that down to around $10.00 per month – which is in line with what you get with other low-income providers.

Xfinity – Comcast
Xfinity offers an Internet Essentials program that allows qualifying customers to purchase a plan for just $9.95 per month. Internet Essentials is designed to help students, seniors, and low-income families. The program also offers free in-home Wi-Fi and requires no credit check. For a family to qualify, they must have at least one child eligible for the National School Lunch Program and meet other requirements.

Spectrum offers an Internet Assist program for low-income families. Internet Assist is priced at $14.99 per month, but the speeds are double Xfinity’s program. Customers can also add Wi-Fi for an additional $5.00 per month. Eligible families must have a child eligible for the National School Lunch Program.

If you have any questions or issues accessing the free government phones for food stamps Georgia beneficiaries or any other service, please let us know in the comments section below.

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