How to Report Food Stamp Fraud in Georgia

The food stamps program is intended to assist qualified low-income individuals and families purchase nutritious food. Like any public assistance program, there are people who abuse the opportunity, at the taxpayer’s expense. In the state of Georgia, there has been high profile arrests recently of both Food Stamps recipients and EBT retailers connected to fraudulent …

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iGeorgia Food Stamps Home

The Food Stamps Program is an essential part of the American safety net for many low income families living in Georgia. If you are currently facing hunger and are considering government assistance, we will provide you with the information and support needed to apply for benefits. Food Stamp Resources Helping to connect Georgians with the …

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Georgia Food Stamp Benefits Replacement

Georgia food stamp recipients residing in 69 counties are eligible to receive additional benefits to cover food lost during the power outages caused by Hurricane Irma. Food stamp benefits replacement has been issued to the EBT accounts of recipients in the 69 Georgia counties as of September 25, 2017. The United States Department of Agriculture’s …

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