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The Georgia Food Stamp Program The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program) is available to those households that have given valid documentation that they are unable to afford food. Your SNAP benefits can be added to an EBT card each month automatically for quick and easy use. Your Georgia food stamps balance can be checked in 3 different ways: by phone, online, and in store. The balance on your EBT card is the amount of money you have available to you to purchase food at your local SNAP retailers. Learn more about the SNAP program and other federal assistance programs online […]

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Georgia Food Stamp Benefit Amounts

"Georgia Food Stamp Benefit Amounts"

Are you getting ready to apply for food stamps in Georgia or have you already applied for SNAP Benefits and are wondering what the Georgia Food Stamp Benefit Amounts really is? How much you will get in benefits depends on a few factors. But there is no point in taking the time to find out how much you will get if you don’t even qualify for benefits. So, before we address how much in benefits you could get, let’s make sure you are eligible for food assistance. Here are the questions you will have to answer to determine your eligibility for […]

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