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How Georgia is Affected by the Government Shutdown

With more than 3 percent of the state’s workforce being federal workers, Georgia faces a crisis situation as the government shutdown continues. There are currently more than 16,000 federal workers out of work or working without pay in Georgia.

As the shutdown seemingly has no end in sight, the economic fallout is hitting the Georgians and the local economy hard. In fact, every month that the government is partially shut down, the state loses an estimated $489 million. Making it the eighth-hardest-hit state during the shutdown, according to The Ascent.

How Georgia is affected by the Government Shutdown

For those roughly 40 million Americans receiving monthly assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the government shutdown is a financially dire situation. In Georgia, SNAP benefits total over $228 million each month.

With the USDA announcing that the food assistance program will only be funded through February, many low-income Americans are in a panic. The thought of not receiving benefits indefinitely is crippling for those who rely on government assistance to meet their basic needs.

Federal workers and government assistance recipients aren’t the only ones feeling the impact of the partial shutdown, but also small business owners. Most small business owners rely on either federal employees or those on federal assistance to partially fund their business.

As consumers’ disposable income diminishes, so does the sales and profit of those small businesses, creating a negative spiral effect. This pattern will only continue to impact more and more Americans until the government is back open for business.

How bad is it? See how the government shutdown will affect food stamps.

Government Shutdown Help for Georgia Residents

If you’re a federal worker living in Georgia and have been affected by the shutdown, we’ve compiled a list of options that are available to help you. Here are some of the most popular government shutdown assistance options available in Georgia.

Food Banks

Phone Service

  • AT&T customers affected by the shutdown can sign up for flexible payment options to keep their phone service up and running. To find out more information about the flexible payment options for federal employees, check out the AT&T website here.
  • T-Mobile is offering support to government account customers through their payment deferral and flexible payment options. To learn more about the options available to you, call 877-746-0909 or visit this page.
  • Sprint is allowing customers affected by the shutdown to sign up for a payment option that will keep their service uninterrupted. Impacted customers should call 888-211-4727.
  • Verizon is allowing federal employees to sign up for the “Promise to Pay” program that will allow you to set up a payment for a future date. Learn more about the program here.


  • Chase Bank will waive or refund any overdraft or monthly service fees for customers that are affected by the government shutdown. To learn more about how Chase is helping federal workers, go to the Chase website.
  • Discover cardmembers affected by the shutdown may be eligible to skip a payment with no late fee or interest penalties. To request this option, please call Discover at 800-347-3085.
  • Navy Federal is helping eligible government shutdown assistance to Active Duty Coast Guard members and federal government employees. Loans have a 0% APR and are available up to a maximum loan amount of $6,000. To learn more go to their website at
  • U.S. Employees Credit Union is offering an interest-free Government Shutdown Loan to those eligible union members that are signed up for direct deposit.
  • U.S. Bank created a new, low-rate quick loan for federal employees affected by the shutdown. If you’re interested, call the federal government shutdown line at 877-760-6046.

For a list of all companies offering help in Georgia to federal government employees, check out the full list in our post here.

If your food stamps have been denied, reduced or cancelled for any reason, then check out our Help Guide here. We will help you get the benefits you deserve.

Georgia Food Stamps Affected by the Government Shutdown
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Georgia Food Stamps Affected by the Government Shutdown
The impact on Georgia residents, employees, and businesses caused by the federal government shutdown including companies offering assistance to federal government employees.



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