Number to check Georgia food stamp balance


How to check Georgia food stamp balance

The EBT card is a card that is used to receive SNAP benefits from the federal government. The EBT card is free to get and use. The card is not a debit or credit card and can only be used to purchase items that are available to SNAP beneficiaries. As long as you are eligible to be receiving SNAP benefits, your card will be reloaded from the 4th to the 18th of each month for use.

When you are at the store ready to use your EBT card be sure you have created a PIN number and your benefits are available. Visit a store that accepts the Georgia EBT card, there should be a sign promoting that they accept EBT. Once at the checkout you will slide your card through the machine, if available, or hand your card to the cashier for payment. You will enter your 4 digit PIN into the machine or type it without telling the cashier. Keep your receipt for your records.


Your PIN is a personal Identification Number that is used for security purposes when you use your EBT card. In order to purchase food using your EBT card you must know your 4 digit PIN number that you set up when you received your card.

If you need to set up a PIN or forgot your PIN number you can call the customer service number written on the back of your EBT card. When creating a PIN, it should be a 4 digit number that would be easy for you to remember, but not something that could easily be determined if your card is stolen. Your PIN should never be reviled for any reason to another person, including checkout personnel. Do not write your PIN down or carry your PIN in anything that could be stolen or lost. If you feel like your PIN number could have been compromised, contact customer service and follow the instructions for PIN selection/change or sign into your online account. Once someone knows your PIN number, they are able to use your benefits without permission.

Number to check Georgia food stamp balance

There are two options to find the Georgia Food Stamp Card Balance. You can go online to the EBT website or call the customer service hotline.

To check your Georgia Food Stamp Card balance online visit the EBT website and login using your User ID and Password that you have created.

Georgia Food Stamp Card Balance

If you are new to the EBT website, create a User account by clicking the ‘Create User Account’ tab.

Georgia Food Stamp Card Balance

If you find that there is a balance discrepancy, contact customer service at 1-888-421-3281 and report the discrepancy. It is helpful to have receipts available from the purchase as proof of the miscalculation.

Lost or EBT Stolen Card

If your card was lost or stolen contact customer service at 1-888-421-3281 to report it and have a replacement card sent. Your old card will be unable for use as soon as it is reported. A new card will be mailed and arrive within 7 business days. Benefits are only protected from the time that the card is reported lost or stolen.



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