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How to report Georgia food stamp card lost

If you just realized your Georgia EBT Card for food stamps is lost or you simply do not know where it is, you should probably consider getting a replacement card issued and mailed to you. You should check out our recent post on how to report your card lost and get a replacement. Click here to see the post.

The first thing you need to do when you realize your Food stamps card is lost, stolen, or not working is to call the EBT card customer service for Georgia. You can call them toll free at -888-421-3281. Call them as soon as you can so that your account can be secured, especially if you think the card is stolen. That way, you don’t risk losing the money currently in the account. Once you call them, they will de-activate the old card and then issue a replacement card which will be mailed to you. You will be able to use the same pin you used on the previous card, unless you decide to select a new pin with the new card. 

"report EBT Card lost"

One problem you may run into is if you changed your address and did not update your EBT account online. That will create a problem because the new card is going to be mailed to your old address, and if it is mail that cannot be forwarded, then the card will likely be returned to the card issuer, which means you will have to wait longer to receive the re-issued card, further delaying your ability to be able to buy the food you need. You can resolve this by telling them of your address change when you report Georgia food stamp card lost to customer service. They would probably confirm your address before they mail the card but just in case they don’t, you should let them know. That way, your new card will be delivered to the right address. It usually takes between 5-7 days to arrive.



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  1. I canceled my card almost 2 weeks ago and i have not gotten a replacement. How do I find out if one has been mailed?

  2. Someone stole my sisters phone and she thought that she might have lost it then realized her foodstamp card and her pin number in her phone and she called and reported them stolen 2 days after couldnt find them and when she got her replacement card someone had took all but two dollars off.

    • Hi Tony, please contact your local DFCS office or log into your Georgia Gateway account to see what date your food stamp benefits are distributed to your EBT card. Hope this helps!

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