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ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login

If you are on Food Stamps (SNAP) or on TANF benefit and need to login to your ebtEDGE account, we can help. In this post, we will walk you through the ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login process, including how to check your balance, reset your pin number or information on how to call customer service.

This article will cover:

  • What is ebtEDGE?
  • ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login
  • Check your ebtEDGE Balance
  • How to Change ebtEDGE PIN
  • ebtEDGE Customer Service Number

"ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login and Pin Reset"

What is ebtEdge?

ebtEDGE offers EBT cardholders in select states direct access to their EBT account information. Once logged in, cardholders can perform the following tasks using their ebtEDGE account:

• Check EBT card balance
• Choose a PIN EBT Card
• See transaction history for the past 60 days
• Print transaction history
• Read Frequently Asked Questions about EBT and ebtEdge.
• Search for retailers that accept EBT

ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login

Here are the steps to log in to your ebtEDGE account:

Step 1

You can log in to your account by visiting the ebtEDGE Cardholder Portal. Click here to be taken there. Once on the ebtEDGE website, click on Cardholder Login as shown below.

"ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login"

Step 2

Enter your EBT Card number in the box and click “Login”. Once the EBT card number you entered is recognized, you will be asked to enter your PIN number (as shown below)

"EBT EDGE Login"

If you entered the correct pin, you will be taken to your EBT account, as shown in the image below.

However, cardholders that have not yet selected a first PIN number will be prompted to select a PIN at that point.

Thereafter, you will need to enter your card number and PIN to log in to your ebtEDGE account.

"ebtEDGE.com Account Balance"

Check your ebtEDGE Balance

The balance on your ebtEDGE account is displayed on the left side of the page as shown in the image above. In addition, you can see the latest transactions at the bottom of the page.

As mentioned earlier, you can review your transaction history for the past 60 days once you are logged in. To print your transaction history, click on the blue “Print List of Transactions” link.

How to Change ebtEDGE PIN

To select the first PIN or change your ebtEDGE PIN, click on the PIN Select link at the top of the page as shown below and follow directions to select a first or replacement PIN. Depending on your state, the information that will be requested in order to select a PIN may vary from the ones shown below.

If you have a security code (password), it must also be verified.

"ebtEDGE Select PIN"

EBT Edge Customer Service Phone Number

Here is the phone number to the ebtEDGE customer service number by state. These are the states that use the ebtEDGE system to manage their food stamps and TANF program.

You can call customer service for the following:

  • Account balance
  • Deposit history
  • Transaction history
  • Report a lost, stolen or damaged card
  • Request a replacement EBT card
  • Select initial PIN or choose a new PIN
  • Speak with Customer Service


EBT Card Name

Customer Service Number

Alabama Alabama EBT Card 1-800-997-8888
Alaska Alaska Quest Card 1-888-997-8111
Arizona Arizona Quest Card 1-888-997-9333
Colorado Colorado Quest Card 1-888-328-2656
Florida Florida EBT Card 1-888-356-3281
Hawaii Hawaii EBT Card 1-888-328-4292
Idaho Idaho Quest Card 1-888-432-4328
Kansas Kansas Benefits Card 1-800-997-6666
Kentucky Kentucky EBT Card 1-888-979-9949
Minnesota Minnesota EBT Card 1-888-997-2227
Missouri Missouri EBT Card 1-800-997-7777
Nebraska Nebraska EBT Card 1-877-247-6328
Nevada Nevada Quest Card 1-877-234-7056
New Hampshire New Hampshire EBT Card 1-888-997-9777
New Mexico New Mexico EBT Fiesta Card 1-800-283-4465
North Carolina Benefit Security Card 1-888-622-7328
North Dakota North Dakota EBT Card 1-800-630-4655
Oregon Oregon Trail Card 1-844-234-4946
Rhode Island Rhode Island EBT Card 1-888-979-9939
South Dakota South Dakota EBT Card 1-800-604-5099
Tennessee Benefit Security Card 1-888-997-9444
Vermont Vermont Express Card 1-800-914-8605
Washington Washington Quest Card 1-888-328-9271
West Virginia Mountain State Card 1-866-545-6502
Wisconsin Wisconsin Quest Card 1-877-415-5164
Wyoming Benefit Security Card 1-877-290-9401
District of Columbia District of Columbia EBT Card 1-888-304-9167

We hope our ebtEDGE.com Cardholder Login article provided you all the information you need regarding how to login to your ebtEDGE account. If you found this article helpful, please share it using the “Share this” button below.

If you have any other questions about ebtEDGE or your EBT card in general, please ask us in the comments section below.



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