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Do you want to know if you qualify for Georgia EBT benefits, get application information or do you want to check your EBT Balance? You’ve come to the right place. We have information below:

Are you and your households in need of food assistance and are considering applying for SNAP EBT? There are guidelines you have to meet to be approved. A big part depends on how many people are in your household and what your total household income is. Here are the income guidelines based on the size of your household:

"georgia ebt SNAP income limits for households"

Once you put it an application, you will be invited for an in person interview at a Division of Family and Children’s Services Office in your county where you live. You will be asked to bring documents to support your application, which will include verifying your citizenship, showing information to prove that you live in the state of Georgia, proof of how much you pay in rent/mortgage and supporting documentation on your household income. For a full list of documents you need to bring to the in-person interview, see the list below:

"Georgia EBT documents application"

How to Check your Georgia EBT Balance

There are three ways to check your Georgia EBT Card balance. The easiest way is to look at the receipt you received from your last purchase. That will have your balance information so don’t throw your last receipt away. The second way is to go online to the EBT website and login to check your balance. You must have registered for online access to be able to do that. Here is the link to check your balance online. The third way is to call the EBT Phone Number for Georgia to check your balance. When you call the phone number (1-888-421-3281), you need to have your account information ready and you should be ready to answer identifying questions to be able to retrieve the balance on your food stamps card.

If you find that there is a balance discrepancy, contact customer service at 1-888-421-3281 and report the discrepancy. It is helpful to have receipts available from the purchase as proof of the miscalculation.

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