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Hurricane Irma Closes Georgia DFCS

Hurricane Irma Closes Georgia DFCS

In accordance with the Governor’s state of emergency declaration on Hurricane Irma, all state offices including the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS), will be closed on Monday, September 11th and Tuesday, September 12th.

The Georgia DFCS offices plan to reopen at their normal operating hours on Wednesday, September 13th. This closure also means that all applications, changes, and renewals submitted to Georgia DFCS on those dates will be considered as received on Wednesday, September 13th.

Georgia DFCS Office Closed

Georgia DFCS Releases Food Stamp Benefits Early

To help ease the burden of Hurricane Irma’s destruction for low-income families, Georgia DFCS has released September’s remaining allotment of food stamp benefits early to all Georgia SNAP recipients.

Effective immediately, all SNAP recipients can access their September benefits via their electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card. You do not have to wait until your regularly-scheduled issuance date later this month.

About 1.6 million Georgia residents rely on food stamp benefits to feed their families each month. SNAP benefits are released over a 19-day cycle between the 5th and 23rd day of each month. The regular issuance cycle for food stamp benefits will resume in October.

Georgia Gateway System Closed

If you have questions or need help retrieving your current EBT balance, need to update your 4-digit personal identification number (PIN) or need to submit an EBT card replacement request, please contact Conduent at 1-888-421-3281 or log into your Georgia Gateway account.

You will not be able to start or submit a new or existing application in your Georgia Gateway account while the Georgia DFCS offices are closed. Application submission will resume when the office reopens on Wednesday, September 13th.

If you have questions about the Georgia Gateway system, please contact the Help Hotline at 1-888-421-3281.

Georgia DFCS Office Closed

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  1. I apply for replacement food stamp due to food lost due to electric power outage for 4 days because of the Hurricane and I have not received any thing

    • Hi Bessie,

      Be sure that you are located in one of the approved Georgia counties for the Food Stamp Benefit Replacement. If you are not, you can still apply for replacement with the wavier provided by the DFCS. If you still have not received your replacement benefits, please contact your local DFCS office. To find yours, click here. Hope this helps!

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