Georgia Food Stamps Calculator

"Georgia Food Stamps Calculator"

This post will explain how to maneuver through the online Georgia food stamps calculator. The calculator is an online COMPASS tool that will help to determine if you can apply and receive SNAP benefits. In most cases, the food stamp application process takes up to 30 days to complete. There are cases that SNAP applications can be expedited, such as: You have less than a $150 monthly income and less than $100 in other monetary resources. You are a destitute migrant or season farm worker that has less than $100 in monetary resources. Benefits are received via electronic transfer onto […]

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Thousands in Georgia Expected to Lose Food Stamps

"Thousands in Georgia Expected to Lose Food Stamps"

If you are receiving food stamps in the state of Georgia or plan to apply for food stamps, you need to read this article. The state has implemented a new work requirement that is going to change the way the food stamps program is administered to those who do not have children. If you are able bodied and have no children, there is now work requirements you have to meet to continue to receive benefits or you will lose food stamps. According to this news story and article by WTVM, the work requirement affects recipients in 21 counties in Georgia. […]

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10 Facts about the Georgia Food Stamp Program

"10 Facts about the Georgia Food Stamp Program"

In today’s post, we’re going to uncover ten little-known facts about the Georgia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as the food stamp program. The Georgia food stamp program provides eligible, low-income households with monthly cash benefits to purchase nutritious foods from approved grocery stores. This program is mandated by the Georgia Department of Human Services. In the past year there have been many changes affecting the Georgia food stamp program. The new program changes require that all “able-bodied” adults that do not have children have a job or are enrolled into job training. If they do not fulfill […]

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Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia

Thousands of Georgians are losing access to food stamps. Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia means many people who depended on the program are now finding themselves without food assistance, including some veterans. Why is that the case? Are you at risk of losing your food stamps? Some people have gone to check their food stamps balance only to find that their benefits did not come in. What’s Driving Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia? To answer this question, you have to understand what is going on with food stamps and why congress is cutting back on the program. In […]

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