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The login information is below. You can log into compass to apply for benefits, check the status of your food stamps application, review your benefits, submit renewal applications, check the status of your benefits and report any changes to your accounts to your local Division of Family and Children Services (DCFS) office. Login Information

To log into your Georgia Compass account, click on the link below the image below. You can also click on the image itself and you will be taken to the compass website.

If you are trying to check the status of your Georgia Food Stamps application, see the link below. You will be taken directly to the site.


Login into Georgia Compass Account

If you do not have an account, you will have to create one. Click on the “Create Account” button. To successfully create a Compass Account, you will need your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Client ID if you are applying for Food Stamps, Medicaid, TANF. The client ID can be found on the letter your caseworker sent you. If you cannot find your client ID, you should call your nearest DCFS office to obtain that number. For a DCFS office near you click here.

If you are applying for Child Care benefits, you will be required to enter your Child Care Case Number. See the image below for the information you will be required to fill in to create a login account.

"compass ga login"

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions about food stamps in Georgia or any comments about this article, tell us in the comments section below.

**ATTENTION: Since this article was posted, Georgia COMPASS has moved to a new platform called Georgia Gateway. Georgia COMPASS no longer exists. You can use the new Georgia Gateway platform to access all social benefit programs. For more information on the Georgia Gateway platform, please see our updated post on logging into a Georgia Gateway account, here.



4 thoughts on “ login”

    • Hi Schneita,

      It looks like the Compass website is currently down. I suggest trying again later or calling this number for help: 1-877-423-4746. Let us know how it goes!

  1. Good Morning,
    I am Yvette Kirkland and I am living in the State of New York. I am hearing from this state I am currently living in that the are seeing a match for an open case I had previously in Georgia. This case was closed as for as I was concern because I never got approved for a renewal for SNAP benefit ONLY. October 31, 2017 was the the renewal date.
    Please close any and all case(s) because I no longer live there. I also filed my income tax for 2016/2017 in New York

    Thank you
    Yvette Kirkland

  2. I renewed my benefits before time and went to.the store on the day I was supposed to receive my benefits and they weren’t there how embarrassing. It says I’m active what’s going on I got to feed my kids.

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