Cuts in Food Stamps / Georgia Food Stamps

Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia

Thousands of Georgians are losing access to food stamps. Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia means many people who depended on the program are now finding themselves without food assistance, including some veterans. Why is that the case? Are you at risk of losing your food stamps? Some people have gone to check their food stamps balance only to find that their benefits did not come in.

What’s Driving Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia?

To answer this question, you have to understand what is going on with food stamps and why congress is cutting back on the program. In 2007 there were 26 million people on food stamps, but that increased to 48 million people by 2013, which is about 15% of the U.S population. The increase was due to the great recession when millions of people found themselves unemployed for a long time and have to get government food assistance to make ends meet. However, with unemployment now low, congress feels it is time to trim back food stamps. The problem is that a lot of people on food stamps actually do work, but their income is not enough to cover their food and nutrition needs, especially if they have kids to feed. Making deep cuts in the food stamp program will negatively impact these households and their ability to feed themselves and their children.

"Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia"

Videos on Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia

As food stamps have become a political football, it’s very easy for politicians to want to cut benefits because there is this perception that people on food stamps don’t want to work or are lazy, but that is not the case with majority of recipients. People really need the help and arbitrary cuts don’t help.

We hope you are not impacted by the Cuts to Food Stamps in Georgia. If you are, tell us about it below in the comments section. Were you aware you will be losing your benefits or that they were going to cut your benefits? How did you find out? What does this mean for you and your household or family?



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