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If you are eligible to receive medicaid in Georgia, you have to get familiar with the medicaid application website, which is a portal that once approved, you will use to view your benefits information. However, before you apply for medicaid in Georgia, you can use the website to determine if you are eligible.

Am I eligible for Medicare in GA?

" medicaid application"

Like all government programs, there is an eligibility criteria for medicaid. To determine if you qualify, you should first look at the chart above to see if you fall within the qualification range. The chart gives you a quick review of the category of people that may qualify for medicaid.

If after reviewing the chart, you still think you qualify, then you an go to the Compass Website and use the screening tool to really determine whether you meet the qualification requirements for medicaid in Georgia. Click here for the screening tool. You should click on “Am I Eligible” as shown in the image below: Click here to go to the compass website.

" medicaid application online" medicaid application

If you have determined that you qualify for medicaid, here is how to apply:

You have to complete and submit an application. You can do that in a couple of ways:

1. Download the application online. We have provided below all three applications you must complete and submit. Note that you MUST complete all three of them.

Georgia Medicaid Application Forms: 297, 297A and 297M 

2. You can request a paper application by visiting your local DFCS office, or by calling the Customer Contact Center at 877-423-4746 and asking that an application be mailed to you. For a list of DFCS offices near you, click here.

You can submit your completed application by mail or in person to your local Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) office.

**ATTENTION: Since this article was posted, Georgia COMPASS has moved to a new platform called Georgia Gateway. Georgia COMPASS no longer exists. You can use the new Georgia Gateway platform to access all social benefit programs. For more information on the Georgia Gateway platform, please see our updated post on Georgia Gateway here.

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