23 comments on “www.compass.ga.gov renew my benefits – MyCompass account status
  1. james davis says:

    need another phone interview please. missed mine on 8-3-16

  2. Renewal my application

  3. I renewed my application on August 19,2016,but I still have not received any thing in my account.please let me know if you received my renewal. Thanks

  4. Could you please send me information so that I can access my account withcompass

  5. Vanessa O'Conner says:

    I ain’t received my food stamps for this month, and I’m supposed to get them on the 9th of every month. So I was just wondering why I hasn’t received them yet??

  6. Araceli Mercado says:

    I renew my benefits for medicaid for my kids and i receive an e-mail
    telling me that I have a little change. i renew it in the first or second week of this month. And I am traying to check in my compass but I can get in.Can you please send me an e-mail or a letter to know what my changes are please. Tankyou.

  7. Geraldine Jordan says:

    Need to access my account with compass to complete my renewal

  8. Need help filling out my renewal form qhere to find it

  9. Please need form or me to fill out for renewals

    • Georgia SNAP Helper says:

      Hi Penny,

      To renew your benefits log into your Compass account. There will be an option to renew your benefits inside the account. To login follow the link here.

  10. Dj says:

    I can’t get in to reset my password. No one answers the phone and they automatically disconnect you with a message stating “the call volume is extremely high and we have reached our capacity”. How do you get around that.

    • Georgia SNAP Helper says:

      Hi DJ,

      Did you already try resetting through the reset password link on the Georgia Compass login page?

  11. I just got a letter stating that my medicaid will be cancelled because I didn’t fill out all renewal forms but I did and turned them in. What do I need to do now? Do I just reapply?

    • Georgia SNAP Helper says:

      Hi Candace,

      I suggest you call this number and speak with someone regarding your situation before reapplying: 1-877-423-4746. Let us know how it goes!

  12. Since when has it been unsafe to go on compass to renew your benefits. How can you renew online if afraid information is going to be taken? Then if you call your on hold for hours before you speak to somebody or disconnected.

  13. I was supposed to receive my stamps on the 17th of November due to thanksgiving but my regular date is the 19th of every month I did my review online it said I had until the 30th to do so I’m so blowed right now I don’t have my stamps at all and I made sure I did my review

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